Junior Golf Scholarship

Purpose: Wyoming Valley Country Club, in an effort to promote future Golf Excellence among Junior Golfers in the Luzerne County Area, has established an innovative program which will extend golf privileges to a small, select group of young golfers. It is hoped this program will assist the chosen individuals in furthering their careers in golf.


Commitment to Golf
                   Age 14 to completion of College
                   Non-Member of Country Club
                   - Must have 3.0 GPA or better
                   - Excellent character 
                   - Participate in High School or College Golf Program
                   - Residents of Luzerne County


                   - Maximum of two (2) golfers chosen per year
                   - Maximum of seven (7) golfers in program
                   - Application must be completed (2 references)
                   - One must be a current Golf Coach
                   - Applicant will appear before a screening committee
                        composed of WVCC members
                   - Scholarships revocable at the discretion of the Board at any time
                   - Chosen applicant must complete orientation program
                   - Junior Member Privileges extended to chosen candidates

Call (570) 824-8241 ext. 1 for more information.